Top Notch Clean and Efficient

We all have busy lives and there are just some things that should be left to the experts. We at Fresh and Clean take pride in being able to make your life just a little easier. We offer a full laundry service. Let us help lighten your load. 

Wash & Dry

Don’t have the time? Let one of our assistants wash and dry your laundry for you!

Free WiFi

No need to be bored while you wash, we offer free WiFi

Attendant on Duty

You don’t have to worry about your clothes here, someone is always on duty.

Debt & Credit Card Machines

Debt and Credit cards accepted on most machines.


Don’t over do it, let one of our assistants fold your laundry for you!

All New Machines

All new stainless steel machines. 

Drop off and pickup

Too busy? Drop off your laundry, let us wash and fold and you pick up later.

ATM Machines on Site

Forgot your cash, we got you covered.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Top Notch Equipment

Top Notch Customer Service


They have an on-site attendant plus they have credit card readers for most of their machines. Everything in there is brand new and so clean!

It’s awesome place to wash, dry , or have your Laundry done professionally I Love it.